Why A Digital First Approach Is Essential To Retail Success

In a post-pandemic era, retailers and consumers have recognized the importance of digital transformation. It is more critical than ever to understand how a digital first mindset can make your business more efficient, stable, and customer-focused.

Join Walgreen’s Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer, Luke Rauch in a fireside chat with RangeMe’s SVP of Retail Wayne Bennett, as they discuss how suppliers can ensure their digital presence aligns with retailers’ current and future omnichannel strategy.

What you’ll learn:

  • The pillars of a digital first mindset and how to adopt them
  • What retailers are looking for from suppliers to support a digital first strategy
  • A preview into Walgreen’s upcoming Digital First Health Innovation Summit

Who you’ll hear from:

  • Luke Rauch, Senior Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer, Walgreens
  • Wayne Bennett, SVP of Retail, ECRM | RangeMe

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