How long does it take you to decide if you like something? The average person, about 10 seconds. Me? Three seconds. (Hey, I know what I like!)  That means, as a new brand, you have an incredibly small window of time to please your potential audience. Packaging is everything. Let me say that one more time: Packaging. Is. EVERYTHING.

What came first: The package or the product?

Before we get into awesome package design, let’s talk about the even more awesome product that is going in said packaging. While the packaging will be what attracts the consumer, the product is what makes them stay. When someone makes a purchase, they are making an investment, and product design is the way you arrange the features and benefits of that investment (ie, the product) to be presented to the customer.1

From a marketing perspective, having the most efficient product design is key. Think hard about those bells and whistles you want to add–will they really get your customer to purchase? Or will they confuse customers  because there are too many parts and now they have buyer’s remorse and plan on returning it for the original thing they wanted to get. (I can’t be the only one that goes through this?)

Thinking through the bigger picture

The design that you choose for your packaging is as important as the product itself.2 Consumers are attracted to things that look good. Fonts, colors, even the size of the package itself, all need to be picked in strategy so your audience can have the best memory of what they would be purchasing.

So how do we make the perfect package design?

  • Be honest. Customers want to know that what they see is what they get.
  • Stay positive. Your packaging should associate with positive attributes of your product.
  • Keep it simple. The packaging should not overwhelm the customer with too many fonts, colors, etc.

Remember, packaging is yet another opportunity  for your audience to see who you are as a brand. Be creative, and think about  the message you want your design to convey. And of course, have fun!

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